About Us

We're a team of visionary young people, with innovative and creative potential to meet the challenges of current era.

Our clients don't need more management. They don't need more teams of people, more layers, or more bureaucracy. One of the things that make us fast and effective is that we provide very clear focus on what the problem is, and what it will take to overcome it. We don't dwell on the past, but instead focus on what you want to achieve in the future. We use a marketing tool called O.C.T.A. as part of our services. The O.C.T.A. ensures that you know what you want to achieve and what it's going to take to make it happen.

We believe that success can only be found if the objective is crystal clear and agreed upon by the entire team. Before we do anything else we will work with you to determine a challenging and stretchable, but real and achievable outcome.

With every objective comes a set of challenges, the stuff you need to overcome in order to move forward. You need to take some time and focus on what is really getting in the way. You would be amazed at how often we uncover one challenge on that list and if attacked with a vengeance, the rest will just disappear.

In order to meet your objective, we will work with your team to uncover the truth behind what will drive your success. We will take the hyperbole out of your insights. It won't be fancy. It won't be complicated. We tell the truth in as simple and straightforward way as we can, so that we are all clear on what needs to be done and why. Can you handle the truth?

A simple and implementable answer that helps us focus on what we need to “do”, not “say”, to create an experience that will help us quickly meet the objective.

Today, the competitive edge belongs to those, who are brave enough to resist the usual - those who have the expertise to ask why and the credibility to say no, the passion to drive business and the ideas that will have an impact on people, markets, technology and the future.

Resist the usual means striking the perfect balance of creativity and innovation, great storytelling driven through the right channels to create rich new brand experiences that connect consumers and sustain their loyalty.

Resist the usual means making sure we do not confuse what's current in technology with what gives a brand its unique currency.

Resist the usual means that our only true success is our clients' success.

Our Skill

When we do something, we do it with heart.








IT Services

Thank you for the wonderful event you arranged. It was a great experience and truly enjoyed working with you.

-Rizwan Farid / USAID

I am really impressed, how you made such wonderful presentation of my research work, online.

-Dr. Ashraf Sahibzada / Argiculture Scientist

Thank you for completing the budget report on time, which really helped us get the funding for our project.

-Shazia Rauf / Islamabad Ladies Council

Having business development & brand strategy skills, Khalid is an entrepreneur with passion, powerful communication & in-depth insight into media optimization. His expertise at developing targeted business strategies are all geared towards one objective: understanding client resource limitation & giving best value for money.

Imran Shabbir

Technology Developer

Having expertise in computer-aided design, data structures and algorithms, computer architecture and optimization, multi-threaded and multi-processed application, Imran is a highly confident, motivated and competent individual with excellent communication, verbal and analytical skills.

Mahnoor Malik

Budget Analyst

To pursue excellence and perfection in the dynamic business world, Mahnoor has got skills to capitalize on opportunities and challenges to eliminate threats thus contributing towards the prosperity.

Sidra Khan

Creative Designer

Having professional experience in media industry, Sidra is a confident, ambitious and highly driven young individual, with strong command on concept and content designing, copy writing, documentary scripting and blogging.